Yah, I'm hoppin the bandwagon and doing it too. =] I don't see any harm in trying to improve oneself and setting goals. And a new year is always the perfect excuse to. I'm only listing the art related ones, coz... well this is an art blog. Not an LJ. >D

  • Sketch more. To aid this, I resolve first to fill a sketchbook every two months. I almost resolved to do one every month, which I would like to think I could do, but with all the other stuff I have going on, it'd be really hard. Thank you, Wes, for returning me to sanity.

  • Finish one series of artworks. Like a theme or something. Maybe a calendar, maybe just some random theme. I want to do at least one though.

  • Read more. Manga. Books. Anything. I want to become a better writer, but to do so I really need to see what other people are doing more. I have a tendancy to find one series or one book that I really obsess over and then sort of block everything else out for a while. I need to injest a larger volume of material.

  • Write. I don't really write. Tessa writes. Tessa's a fantastic writer. I've never considered myself a great storyteller or idea-person. I'd love to change that about myself. Perhaps I'm a terrible writer, and I just need to stick with what I'm good at, but I want to find out.

That's all I've come to so far. If I think of anything else, I'll be appending this!