Another one of my favorites. <3 Painting nebulas was new, but very fun. Had a little help from Open Canvas for the original color blending, but the finished paints were done in Photoshop.


The Great Beyond is actually on sale now, so I think its safe for me to release some more of the illustration's I've done for it. Here is one of my favorite ones from this batch.


It's about damn time I'm able to draw this bastard. I've been bouncing around ideas for his design for a long time now, but never seemed to be able to nail anything down. I wanted him to have assembled his clothes out of lots of varying mix-matching pieces, sewn together haphazardly. I will have more fun with it when I actually get to paint all the different materials and textures in his clothing.


Probably the best posture Ratio ever has.

She looks like she's about to bow down dramatically to a candle-filled altar. Which may not be completely beyond her... as long as it was an altar to some sort of anti-germ god. The God Purell.