Ah! This is actually a few weeks old, but I forgot to post it! A birthday gift to my friend, Lyndz. <3 Her character, Rory, who is super cute and I definitely can relate to on certain levels. X)

I did this in ArtRage, which I decided to try out as an alternative to painting in Photoshop. I'm still getting used to it, but I definitely liked it!


Illustration for Gaia Online for their new RIG, the LexBox! Log in and check it out for the details!

I was able to work on quite a few of the items in this RIG too. OWO I'm sure you can guess which ones are mine.


Many apologies to those who are currently waiting for commissions or responses from me. I am currently working through two freelance contracts which coincidentally have deadlines within 3 days of each other. HAHA. @ ~@ Always works out like that, huh? I will be back on top of things after this week!