Man, why did my subject have to get picked first, lol. I'm all worried no one will like it. Most of my topic suggestions were more open ended, because I thought Snow White was fun because people could interpret that in so many various ways. So I tried to think of very broad or vague/obscure subjects, that would be fun to do every once in a while between the other more straightforward challenges.... BUT NOT FIRST.


Some WIPs of my entry for this week's challenge~ I want to make a print out of this one so I'm actually going all out...


Man... I wanted this to be so much more. But TIME OMG. :\

Snow white in some weird modern world with DWARVS. Or digger bots. I had fun with those. Muh! o_<


I need to update my blog too. O_o Been a little slacky slacky!! So here's a dump.

I finished the Cloud I was working on earlier. :) Had fun, but I'm a little burnt on FF art now. :o

Mad Hatter. <3

KART illustration for the pitch. Had to crank this one out FAST, but had a lot of fun with it.

Spy for the TF2 Lizard FIGHT!

And my crappy Indy entry for the Lizard FIGHT challenge...

And sexy Hiruma from Eyeshield21. Done as a birthday gift for my good friend!