...enters the ring!! XD

DONE FINALLY. Took a while, but I'm happy with the results. I also obviously decided to desaturate and darken when I was done. I like the mood much better. Gorilla's gonna punch your skull in. OH YA. :0


Still working on it. X_X Gawd, this is takin forever. Though most likely with my old technique I wouldn't be nearly as far along. Finished (mostly) the front dude. Though as I post this WIP now I already see some things I need to fix.

Hope to finish this tomorrowww.

Also, I'm noticing. I kindof wanted this to be a dull, muted piece. Not completely gray, but definitely more dark and desaturated... and it's turning out SO COLORFUL. I apparently can't help myself. Perhaps I'll toy with desaturating it when I'm done. Or maybe I'll decide I like it colorful.

I'm trying a new method with my digital painting. Something I saw Arnold Tsang walk through in his tutorial in the art book I bought recently. He worked on black and white first and then put on color, so I thought i'd try it out! I can already see the benefits from the method - I'm already more concerned about contrast, layout and the overall placement of light and shadow than I would be if I were starting with color. I get so wrapped up in color and particular pieces, I forget about the big picture.

So even if I don't stick with the method, I'm at least learnin' new stuff.

Here's a "rough" black and white of the image. I got lazy on the girls hands coz... goddamnhands.

And I did a quick QUICK color test before shutting down today to see if it would work with my sort of thick lines style... which I wanted to stick with for this piece but wasn't sure it'd look good with the new process.

Time for sleeeeeep.


The sketch I'm thinking of using for Erik's Gorilla Fighter artbook. I know what you're thinking. WHERE ARE THE GORILLAS. I wanted to maybe try something less literal, and maybe something no one else would do... not that it's incredibly original or anything, but I try.

I'm hoping this is actually somewhat vaguely Gorilla-ish, so Erik doesn't have to find a nice way to say. Sarah, wtf is this shit. Anyways. Gonna let the picture speak for itself naooo.

PS - He does have pants. Imserious.


The first in a round of many presents.

I'm so behind.

Done with my new COPICS!! <3 <3 <3 <3

*passes out*

Here's the lineart~ which I was rather happy with too. I tried out the movement stuff I love so much about Eyeshield. <3 So much fun.


Some gift sketches. 8D Not my characters!

And a topless Kalle. >.> Heavily influenced by watching Gurren Lagann. I NEED MOAR WES. 8< I am your crack dealer too. I CONTROL YOUR EYESHIELD.



Two guys from Udon are now watching me - Arnistotle and Omar. 8 o8 I can't stop nerding out about that.

Holy shit.

I'm so out of practice with anatomy. 8 ^8

Character on the left is my own, Kalle. Guy on the right is a friend's, named Zelmar.

Reading Eyeshield21 has been such an artistic inspiration. I seriously am in love with Yusuke Murata. The way he captures motion is so amazing. I think I'll try to draw an action piece next.

It's also been brought to my attention that Daeger bears a striking resemblance to Blank from FF9. I've not played FF9, but I did remember there being a character with a belt over his face. I figured if that was the only thing they had in common, I'd be okay. Honestly, I could rattle off about a dozen characters with similar covers on their face. BUT somehow I had ommited the fact that he had STITCHES as well from my memory. Stitches.

RARG!! 8<

The belt and stitches combo is a little bit too much similarity for me to feel comfortable, so I'll probably be altering Daeger's design slightly to ease my conscience. Some other type of cover on his face, maybe. I need something covering it, just perhaps not a gigantic belt.

Stupid coincidences.


I drew him.

I am seriously in love with Copics. Kristen gave some flesh tones to Tessa for Christmas, and I borrowed them for a bit to give them a shot. I had always heard that Copics were amazing, but I guess it really takes using them yourself to see the difference. Everything besides fleshtones was done with Trias on this picture, and the Copics blended and went down so easily. I seriously had to fight the Trias to go down as I wanted. The difference was like night and day.


I really need a post in order to make this crap layout work. I want to actually design my own layout for this biatch, but I'm really sleepy right now. And I don't want it to look like ass in the meantime. So. SKETCHDUMP. <3

Clicky for more images.

This is Daeger. He's a blind crazy demon who prefers firearms as his main choice of weaponry. But instead of being the awesome blind marksman who can nail a man from a mile away by listening, he'd prefer to just pelt the area with bullets until whatever it was stops moving. In fact, his answer to everything is usually, "Shoot it."

"If it's moving? Shoot it. If it's not moving? It's probably trying to trick you - shoot it."

Constructed from pieces and ball joints, Daeger's parts commonly fall or come apart, and he maintains control of them even when they are disconnected. His missing pieces are, well, missing. He's sure they're somewhere, but they're not really the type that can crawl back to him, so he hasn't found them yet.

Useless info you had no desire to know, get.

craps, I has a blog to never update now.