I really need a post in order to make this crap layout work. I want to actually design my own layout for this biatch, but I'm really sleepy right now. And I don't want it to look like ass in the meantime. So. SKETCHDUMP. <3

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This is Daeger. He's a blind crazy demon who prefers firearms as his main choice of weaponry. But instead of being the awesome blind marksman who can nail a man from a mile away by listening, he'd prefer to just pelt the area with bullets until whatever it was stops moving. In fact, his answer to everything is usually, "Shoot it."

"If it's moving? Shoot it. If it's not moving? It's probably trying to trick you - shoot it."

Constructed from pieces and ball joints, Daeger's parts commonly fall or come apart, and he maintains control of them even when they are disconnected. His missing pieces are, well, missing. He's sure they're somewhere, but they're not really the type that can crawl back to him, so he hasn't found them yet.

Useless info you had no desire to know, get.