I am resurrecting UL&K. <3 Since Tessa does most of the work on Without Void, I'm going to be taking over for a lot of the UL&K stuff. While she used to thumb chapters out for me, she's not going to be doing that anymore. So I'm on my own!! But its ok - coz I can do this!!

This will be an incredible learning experience for me. I rely on Tessa so much for her paneling and comic-ing experience, but hopefully I've learned a thing or two from watching her so many years and working with her. We'll see. Finishing up chapter 4 on my own will tell.

So here's what I have so far.


Since I'm pretty sure we've got A-Kon tables, I've started working on some serious fanarts for prints. :> And while I was driving home I was struck with inspiration for some FF7 ones.

These would be a series, each character being his own piece. Decided to do my power-team. Cid, Cloud, and Vincent. I love these guys. <3

Here are the thumbs, after much reworking and composition adjustment.

And Cloud... cleaned up. There's something infinitely less awesome about it when I actually drew it though. I still like the thumbnail more... but I'm going to sleep on it and see what I think in the morning.


I only have a little over half a sketchbook filled and this month is almost over. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

On the same token....

HOLY CRAP I filled up half a sketchbook. 8D That's more than I've ever done before!!! <3

...coz I'm a loser and these are fast and fun. X3


Fucking last name. I can never remember it. SENA FOLKS.


Hiruma was actually more difficult to capture than I thought he'd be. It's his freakin cheekbones. And his hair. Damn his hair. DAMN HAIR!!


Finished. <3 Yay. This one was fun.


I am way behind on my resolution to fill a sketchbook every two months. :C I need to get my ass kicked on this. I am also out of FUCKING EYESHIELD. I will have to read it once a week like everyone else now. I'm sure my friends want to all punch me in the face coz they're sick of hearing about Eyeshield.

But while we're on the topic of Eyeshield.... 8D

Yesterday Tess and I went to Kinkos to run copies of her comics and cut down her Bristol. And she had these cool 3x17" strips of Bristol left over. And I decided I wanted to draw something cool on them.

...so I'm drawing a series of Eyeshield fanarts. I figure I can sell them at A-kon (if we can ever secure tables) or something. Mostly I'm just indulging. >.> Maybe I could turn them into bookmarks.... or compile them all into a series. DUNNO.

And I drew Rui first... coz I <3 Rui. For reasons I can't explain. He's a badass.