I am way behind on my resolution to fill a sketchbook every two months. :C I need to get my ass kicked on this. I am also out of FUCKING EYESHIELD. I will have to read it once a week like everyone else now. I'm sure my friends want to all punch me in the face coz they're sick of hearing about Eyeshield.

But while we're on the topic of Eyeshield.... 8D

Yesterday Tess and I went to Kinkos to run copies of her comics and cut down her Bristol. And she had these cool 3x17" strips of Bristol left over. And I decided I wanted to draw something cool on them.

...so I'm drawing a series of Eyeshield fanarts. I figure I can sell them at A-kon (if we can ever secure tables) or something. Mostly I'm just indulging. >.> Maybe I could turn them into bookmarks.... or compile them all into a series. DUNNO.

And I drew Rui first... coz I <3 Rui. For reasons I can't explain. He's a badass.