Another illustration for Gaia. owo

I had wayy to much fun harassing Ivan with adorable kitties. <3 Merry Christmas guys! Hopefully you can enjoy a small bit of deflation. o_<


Here are four pieces done for Dungeon Magazine #173!

Overall, I'm still really pleased with these pieces, which is rare for me! I see mistakes and areas of improvement, but I still feel like I pushed myself and learned a lot. The work Wizards of the Coast gives me challenges me in ways that I wouldn't think of on my own, and I'm very honored that they allow me to have this learning experience. :>

Anyways, enough talking - and onto the paintings! I loved this batch because they're all bad guys. >:3 If you wanna learn more about them - check out the article!


Done to accompany the Pale Marionette item over at GaiaOnline. <3 I enjoyed the process of making that item and the characters that came from it. Making people look like their lying down naturally was actually pretty difficult. Hopefully I nailed it.

This is kinda old actually, and I forgot to post it. Drawn sometime in November!

Some more pieces done for the folks at Wizards of the Coast! Also featured in Dragon magazine.

I would've never thought to try and draw shadow creatures next to fire. It was definitely a challenge and a learning experience! Also, stained glass is fun. :>