Throwing up some older work for my portfolio - two bits of concept art for an unannounced game.


Ratio for During REM. ;) Tried to figure out how she'd dress in public - I think she wears large baggy PJs most of the time, but I don't think they'd let her wear that to class. I wanted to keep her silhouette and figure really spindly though so baggy things weren't going to do. So she lets the school dress her - uniform time! :B So at least now if she's even slightly fashionable, it's totally by accident.

Struggling at what sort of style I want to do all these character portraits in. Fiddled with something watercolory because its... well it's way faster. But I'm not sold yet that it's my strongest painting style. :\ But - SO FAST!! So conflicted.=_=


A VERY very... late birthday present for my long lost friend, Michelle. ;) Who put up with my disappearing ass for many years.

This was a very different and experimental painting for me. I asked her to provide me with a keyword, and from that I tried to paint without over-thinking the subject too much, outside of the overall composition. I just started letting the lines and colors form and tell me where they needed to go. It was a very free-form process which was totally enlightening and different for me (I'm a control freak). I also experimented with Alchemy for the first time to give me a lot of the shapes for the composition, which took me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. The result is somewhat abstract, but has a story.

Overall I like the results, it's very different from my normal works, but I'm not sure I would go COMPLETELY free-form again. Maybe a mix? I could afford to lighten up a bit, it would make my drawings more lively, but I get flustered and uncomfortable when I don't know exactly how the piece is going to come together.

But regardless! Hope she likes the result anyway. <3


Arargh. This whole drawing thing is so high maintenance. Don't draw for a month or so and my chops go to crapola. What's up with that? ;) It took me like 3 hours to do get a sketch that didn't look like I drew it five years ago. Need to keep drawing more frequently. Here is the result of the pained drawing session - and it's not even all that good.

True story.