I randomly had the urge to draw a pic detailing Alister's clothes, but since he has so many layers, I wanted to be able to figure out how they all overlaid each other. I thought it would be cool to make it to were you could take layers off and see what was underneath. Of course only a certain amount comes off. OWO The pieces also can stand alone on their own, so you can see them without his figure in the way, as shown by the black and white copies.

I also experimented with another painting style, which was more like cell-shading with random gradients and overlays than painting. But definitely much faster, and has a neat look! This project was a lot of fun, and I'm happy with the results. X)


Protagonist is bored with you. He's also flipping you the bird. WHOOPS.


I recently got ahold of CS4 and I must say holy shit! Totally worth it!! If for nothing else, the rotating canvas feature. INKING JUST GOT A LOT LESS PAINFUL GUYS.

Which is good because this guy's wings would've been a nightmare without it.

And a few commissions...

And a potato. 8D


Drew my avvie on Gaia for absolutely no reason whatsoever! :| I like her all androgynous for some reason. I wish I could say I was using this for something, but really I just wanted to draw her with plaid slacks and a tie.


Naoto's such a badass. o_~

THIS ONE GAVE ME SUCH TROUBLE. It didn't help that I had to split it up over several nights between commissions and freelancing things, but jeeeez. :| Not as happy with this one as Kanji's but gotta move on!


I liked drawing people sitting today. These two are sadly very similar in composition. oAo I'm such a hack. I couldn't help it, it just seemed so cute and appropriate for both of these commissions! Plus its so nice and COMPACT, while still being dynamic. It's hard fitting a full figure on an 8.5x11 piece of paper and still have room to put facial detail and stuff, so I have to find creative ways to bend the figure around to fit the amount of detail I want to into them. I discovered the SITTING one today (obviously) and was so pleased with myself I had to use it twice. ; A;


Persona 4 is luv. I want to do REAL fanart someday. Of all of the characters. Or at least... a good portion of them. LOTS OF FANART. But for now this will tide me over while I take care of commissions. =] Kanji's blush is the cutest thing EVAR. Nnngh. <3

Another commission. <3 I really enjoyed playing with the values on this one before laying on color. Contrast is fun!


A few more.


I should post more often, but I forget. Here's some commissions I've been doing.