I'm so out of practice with anatomy. 8 ^8

Character on the left is my own, Kalle. Guy on the right is a friend's, named Zelmar.

Reading Eyeshield21 has been such an artistic inspiration. I seriously am in love with Yusuke Murata. The way he captures motion is so amazing. I think I'll try to draw an action piece next.

It's also been brought to my attention that Daeger bears a striking resemblance to Blank from FF9. I've not played FF9, but I did remember there being a character with a belt over his face. I figured if that was the only thing they had in common, I'd be okay. Honestly, I could rattle off about a dozen characters with similar covers on their face. BUT somehow I had ommited the fact that he had STITCHES as well from my memory. Stitches.

RARG!! 8<

The belt and stitches combo is a little bit too much similarity for me to feel comfortable, so I'll probably be altering Daeger's design slightly to ease my conscience. Some other type of cover on his face, maybe. I need something covering it, just perhaps not a gigantic belt.

Stupid coincidences.