I'm trying a new method with my digital painting. Something I saw Arnold Tsang walk through in his tutorial in the art book I bought recently. He worked on black and white first and then put on color, so I thought i'd try it out! I can already see the benefits from the method - I'm already more concerned about contrast, layout and the overall placement of light and shadow than I would be if I were starting with color. I get so wrapped up in color and particular pieces, I forget about the big picture.

So even if I don't stick with the method, I'm at least learnin' new stuff.

Here's a "rough" black and white of the image. I got lazy on the girls hands coz... goddamnhands.

And I did a quick QUICK color test before shutting down today to see if it would work with my sort of thick lines style... which I wanted to stick with for this piece but wasn't sure it'd look good with the new process.

Time for sleeeeeep.