Trying to break out of my creative rut. A speedpaint indulging in skintones -- trying something different to jump-start my brain. o_<


Wanted to compete in the GameArtisans 2D challenge to create a mimic. Been trying to think of what object I would want to transform into a mimic. I wanted to something architectural to challenge myself, plus I thought it might be different than most of the entries I've seen so far.

I had an idea for the Great Wall, but am having trouble actually executing on it. A couple hours of rough speed-painting last night left me pretty discouraged. I like the idea but am not really sure how I want the monster to look. How much should it look like a monster, and how much should it look like the Great Wall? Is it a dragon (potentially cliche) or the spine of a big monster (straying too far from mimic). Is it daylight or nighttime?

In other words, I'm majorly stumped.


Finished up one more ES21 bookmark, to kind of try to get myself back in the groove (and to finally finish this wallpaper set!!). It seemed to work. :) I'm really pleased with how he turned out. Agon's such a asshole, you just love to hate him. In loving memory of his dreads, which I'm sure I'll never get used to being gone.


Picking up drawing on my own has been SLOOWWWWW going. In such a creative rut. I blame WoW!! >_<

Trying to be better though and draw a bit. I honestly WANT to draw more, I just feel creatively constipated. That's attractive, for sure. Resurrecting this blog is a pretty harsh reminder of how little i've improved over two years. Jeez. u_u I really need to get my ass in gear.

Still my biggest weakness, next to mechanical things. Don't even mention mechanical backgrounds. XD Work has challenged me to improve though, so hopefully I am taking steps in the right directions. I had a lot of fun with these, and it'll hopefully help me be more comfortable integrating backgrounds into my own stuff.

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Time to resurrect this biznatch. XD

Last summer I did some contract work for Paizo through my awesome friend Andrew Hou. I learned a lot from doing it and got to draw in a style that I don't usually do on my own, so it was pretty fun. It's also my first officially published artwork, so it's a big milestone for me!! <3 Here is the book these drawings were printed in.